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What is Personalitini?

Do you prefer the company of a big personality? A person that is full of energy, humor and generally the center of attention? Also, do you prefer to order drinks that are intriguing and exciting? Something that will bring new senses to your palate? Personalitini® is quite simply...well, me! My personality and passion for cocktails led me to trademark this word (Personality + Martini = Personalitini!). On my never-ending quest for the perfect drink, I discover incredible restaurants and activities along the way! For an idea of what I've been up to recently, check out my Instagram feed below!

About Liz (That's Me)

In 1984, Liz was born in the often disparaged state of New Jersey. She grew up in a household with her older brother (Tim), mom, dad and paternal grandmother ("Baba"). While her parents were away at work, Liz's grandma (with deteriorating vision) encouraged Liz to measure out a jigger of peach schnapps in her cranberry juice; her grandma also requested that this cocktail be served in a specific glass. This taught Liz the importance of presentation. Unbeknownst to her parents, this was the beginning of Liz's bartending experience. After receiving her bartending license in 2003, Liz bartended one summer in New York City at Webster Hall. It was an experience!

After graduating from Arizona State University in 2007, Liz moved to Charlotte, NC to enter the investment banking industry during an interesting time period - a financial crisis! She specialized in real estate for five years and then relocated to New York in 2012 to attend NYU Stern for her MBA. She graduated in May 2014 with Distinction having specialized in Luxury Marketing, Digital Marketing and Strategy. Currently, she is an Associate Brand Manager on Bulleit at Diageo. (Note: all views expressed on this site and social media accounts are her own and not those of her employer) 

Her career change has shown her that it is possible to be paid to pursue her passions. Cheers!

I love traveling to different cities (Cobh, Ireland pictured) to find the best places to go...especially for a drink!

I love traveling to different cities (Cobh, Ireland pictured) to find the best places to go...especially for a drink!

Contributing Writer

Huffington Post (September 2014)

KnowMore TV (August 2014)

Elite Daily (May 2014)

Stern Opportunity (2013-2014)