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Blue Ribbon Bonding

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Back to School Beers!


Two wonderful people in my block, Michelle and Mike, had the bright idea to organize a drinking occasion after our "first last day of school". It is hard to believe, but I'm already into my second year of business school! 

They suggested a relatively newish rooftop beer garden that opened, Blue Ribbon Beer Garden ( I'm not a huge beer drinker, but figured I would order that vs. a glass of wine ("When at a Beer Garden"). I got a bottle of Sapporo Light for $7 - it seemed a bit overpriced and wasn't that cold - wahhh. I do realize that at these places you're really paying for the location - an awesome rooftop setting in the Lower East Side. Some of the people in our group played beer pong. Not really my thing, but play on players. 

I'm not sure if I would go back since there are so many other places I still need to discover. 



Sipping on a Berry Bier in Brooklyn

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Radegast Hall and Biergarten

The weather was absolutely fantastic yesterday - perfect date weather. After speaking with someone on OKCupid, we decided to meet up for a daytime beverage at Radegast (, a lovely biergarten in Willamsburg. I failed to snap a picture of my first drink, a lovely Aspall Dry Cider. It tasted incredibly similar to Martinelli's sparkling apple cider but a bit less bubbly. It should be assumed, given this description, that I drank this beverage rather quickly. Next, I ordered my favorite beer. It isn't really fair to call it a beer, it is more like alcoholic raspberry goodness. 

Good ol' Lindemans Framboise Lambic always delivers. It was served in a fancy glass, a bit different than I've had before, but I loved it! During the date, we didn't eat any food, but I will add that the sausages, saurerkraut, fries and pretzels are phenomenal. Because I was on a date though, for the sake of all involved, I was a lady and just drank my fancy berry bier with my pinky out.