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Rocking Moroccan Martinis

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Café Mogador For The Win!

After dinner at Baoburg, Christine and I wanted a liquid dessert. She recommended Café Mogador ( I had heard of the location in the East Village and did not know there was one in Williamsburg - a pleasant surprise! The first cocktail I ordered was an Espresso Martini, which just so happens to not be on the online cocktail menu.

Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini

This was a lovely drink. I had about one sip of it until I accidently knocked it over with my elbow. It was quite embarrassing because I was not inebriated, I was simply clumsy. The bartender cleaned up my mess and offered to make me a new one but I was a bit traumatized and needed a break.

The next cocktail I ordered was a Mango Martini, made with Vodka, Mango Puree and Fresh Lime Juice. SO TASTY!

Mango Martini

Mango Martini

When we got the bill, I was pleasantly surprised that the bartender removed the charge for the first cocktail that I spilled and was completely my fault. I thought that was a classy move. I'd love to come back here for a meal.