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Financial District

The Dead Rabbit (The Hot Bartender)

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The Speakeasy to End all Speakeasies!

FINALLY! After researching this spot for a school project and hearing it swept the Tales of the Cocktail awards, I HAD to come! Boy, was this trip down to the Financial District worth it and then some! My friend Kate and I had an incredible evening and Jack McGarry (International Bartender of the Year) gave both of us HUGS. Love him! We planned to have dinner at The Dead Rabbit (, but wanted to eat and drink at the bar by Jack to see him in action - it is quite the show!

Do you see all of these beautiful bitters and tinctures? The teacups are awesome!

Look at that huge ice cube and teacup!!! I have no idea what the drinks are that I ordered. I just stared into Jack's eyes and he knew what I wanted. It was that simple!

Delicious, but no idea what was in this!

Again, fabulous but ?

I wouldn't want to be a bartender with Jack in town. Check out what he sent to a rival bar - WATCH OUT NYC!

It is absolutely worth the trek downtown to check out this fantastic location! It is truly amazing. Make sure to go and sit at the bar upstairs to watch Jack in action.