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Venturing above 34th Street...

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Another Day, Another Date

I was supposed to go on a date on Saturday, but I happened to already be up on the Upper East Side. The date was planned in that neighborhood and as much as I love traveling out of my way, I figured I may be able to get two things done with one subway ride - a study in efficiency!

Luckily, my date was flexible so we kept the location (Jbird, but bumped up the date. I've gone here before and really loved it.

I ordered three completely different cocktails. The first was The Colonial. It was made with Rye Whiskey, Apple Brandy, Overproof Jamaican Rum, Demerara, and Tiki Bitters. The drink is described as "potent" and that is an accurate description. I love a strong drink but this was somewhat difficult to enjoy.

The second drink I ordered was the Golden Cadillac - I got this the first time I went to JBird and loved it. It is basically an alcoholic creamsicle, made with Galliano, Crème de Cacao, Orange Juice and Heavy Cream. Delicious and far too easy to drink!

The final drink I ordered was the Sunset Park, made with Rye Whiskey, Dry Vermouth and Apricot Liqueur. I thought I would love it given the ingredients but it was awful. Just steer clear - it was difficult to drink. Ugh.

I love this spot - it has a great vibe for a date. I would mention though, that there was random club fist-pumping music playing at times that didn't really go with the vibe I expected. The person in charge of the playlist should be fired.



Pretty (J)bird

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Trekking to the UES for Cocktails

I terribly underestimated the discomfort that would result by walking from the subway stop at 63rd/Lexington to 75th and 1st Avenue. In order to look hot for my date with a very tall suitor, I wore my highest heels. I haven't worn these particular shoes in a hot minute. They are hulking platforms, probably 4''+. I won't lie, they aren't comfortable for even short periods of time, let alone an estimated 19 minute walk from subway to destination (thanks HopStop). Did I have flip flops in my purse? Of course. Did I put them on? No. I didn't want to "give up" before the date even started (giving up = putting on flip flops). In hindsight, this was silly. I told myself I could break in my heels by walking! If anything was broken in after, it was my feet. I had no idea the UES was incredibly hilly. I realize these "hills" are merely slight changes in the slope of the sidewalk to people in flat shoes, but I felt like a newborn colt, trying to find my footing after crossing the street. (Note: the time provided to cross a wide street is not enough in said heels). 

Anyhoo, I will stop mumbling about my shoe situation. I finally found an opportunity to visit Jbird ( This cocktail spot has been on my radar for awhile, but for one reason or another, I just haven't gone! Well, it was fantastic, the perfect spot for a great first date. I started with a cocktail that was as beautiful as it was delicious: Jbird Swizzle. It is made with Jasmine Flower Rum, Don's Spices, Lime, Pineapple, Blueberry Syrup, Orgeat and Bitters. This cocktail fell under the menu's "Tart & Refreshing" category.

Jbird Swizzle

Next, I wanted to order a more dessert-like cocktail. I stayed within the "Tart & Refreshing" family and ordered the Golden Cadillac, a luscious blend of Galliano, Creme de Cacao, Orange Juice and Heavy Cream (YUM). This tasted like an Orange Julius with a hint of chocolate - is is described on the menu as "Dessert in a glass" - I agree!

Golden Cadillac

Following this heavier cocktail, I wanted to switch it up. I had read about the Honey-Nut Old-Fashioned on several Yelp! reviews so I had to check it out. It is made with Roasted Peanut Bourbon, Honey Syrup and Aromatic Bitters. This cocktail fell under the "Stirred & Boozy" family of drinks. Hot damn! I agree. The drink was lovely but STRONG. At this point, it was my least favorite, but the bar was very high! My first two cocktails were incredible.

Honey-Nut Old-Fashioned

On our third round, my date ordered the Moscow Mutt, a spin on the classic Moscow Mule. It was made with Vodka, Lime Juice, Blueberry Syrup and Ginger. It was presented with such style, I had to snap a photo. Luckily, my date seemed ok with all my picture taking and wasn't annoyed. I love cocktails and sharing them with you all and pictures really help!

Moscow Mutt

My final drink had to cleanse my palate of the incredibly strong cocktail I just ordered. I wanted something a bit sweeter. I ordered the Good Humor Fizz (again under the Tart & Refreshing family of drinks). It was a complicated drink! It is made with Blanco Tequila, Campari, Passionfruit, Lime, Vanilla-Infused Agave, Egg White and Cream Soda. It reminded me of a Creamsicle (as the menu suggests). 

Good Humor Fizz

It makes sense that my last photo may have been a bit blurry - after four drinks, my iPhone started to get a buzz! I highly suggest visiting Jbird, but, for my sake, consider your footwear ladies if you're taking the F Train like I did.