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Filipino Egg Nog...

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...What is Not To Love?

Stop 2 of our East Village Bar Crawl was at Maharlika (, a Filipino spot in the East Village. I mapped out several spots that were near each other, as one does for a bar crawl. I read rave reviews of this spot and wanted to visited for a bit. While some of the menu items seemed a bit aggressive for my taste preferences, I avoided having to order food by eating dinner at another place. I do want to go sometime for a meal, but I was focused on a VERY specific cocktail for tonight: the Sharon Cuneta, made with Black Seal rum, hand pressed coconut milk, nutmeg and cinnamon. It is topped with a generous portion of toasted coconut as well. It tasted DELICIOUS after soaking in the cocktail.

Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta

The cocktail was SO DELICIOUS! It is right at the top of my favorite dessert cocktails. It was $11 so not ridiculously priced either. I should have mentioned earlier that we put our name down at PDT (Please Don't Tell) prior to coming to Maharlika. We were told we would need to wait an hour (at least), so we were surprised when we were called after 30 minutes. We just ordered a second Sharon Cuneta and were kindly told me had 10 minutes or we would lose the reservation. The bars were separated by about 5 minutes on foot (in heels, it could be 8 minutes), so we had about 2 minutes to drink an entire drink. I'll let you imagine how we accomplished that task.

I highly recommend this cocktail. It is FANTASTIC and the vibe of the spot is cozy and welcoming. Check it out!