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Went to Franklin Mortgage to get a Cocktail!

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The City of Brotherly Love...and Strong Cocktails!

I just got back from an incredible weekend catching up with my best friend, Warren! We had a fantastic time catching up and were able to check out a speakeasy that was highly recommended: The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co ( The first drink I ordered (from the expansive cocktail list) was Lipstick Stains. The drink fell under "Rebellious Spirits" on the menu and was made with apple brandy, mezcal, lime and grapefruit juices, cinnamon syrup and bitters, served on crushed ice. 

The drink was SUPER delicious and complex. I loved it! I wanted to try something adventurous and noticed a man next to us ordered a fun looking drink with mint (something I tend to avoid). I asked our incredibly knowledgeable server what it was and she explained it was the Lily Dale Swizzle, which I promptly ordered.  I checked the menu and it falls under "Easy Going" drinks. It is something like an alcoholic root-beer based cocktail, made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Zacapa 23 Rum, absinthe, lemon juice, ginger and cinnamon syrups, birch and sarsaparilla tinctures (sort of like an alcoholic extract). 

This drink was also a winner, though I wasn't surprised. If you're in Philly, I highly recommend checking out this wonderful spot near Rittenhouse Square. 

I head off tomorrow to start my internship! I am beyond excited! :)

Until next time,