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The Best Hour is Happy Hour

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$6 Mojito? Yes Please!

Melissa and her friend Dayna were going to catch a Broadway show, If/Then, so we opted to do happy hour in the Theater District. Melissa suggested going to Havana Central ( since the Mojitos are $6!

Normally, I don't give Mojitos the benefit of the doubt. I'm not the biggest fan of mint in my cocktails. Melissa convinced me to give it a shot and since I trust this lady, I let her be my "spirit" animal, pun intended.



I really enjoyed the cocktail. I loved that it was served with a stick of sugar cane. It absorbs the sweetness of the drink and it compliments the sweetness already in the sugar cane. It is tasty (but messy) to chew on.

I know Times Square can be SCARY but if you happen to find yourself in the area, this is worth your attention.