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Tomato Basil Martini at EVR

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A Cocktail with Vegetables Counts, Right?

As my friends will confirm, I am normally a sweet cocktail gal. the interest of research, I have been ordering outside of my wheelhouse. This brought me to the Tomato Basil Martini at EVR, a newly opened lounge on 54 W 39th St ( The cocktail is an extremely well-balanced mix of cherry tomatoes, basil-infused gin, and Lillet Blanc. The spirits are complemented by habanero, agave, lime and a Himalayan salt rim. 

In general, I'd recommend visiting EVR...of course I'm biased since I am currently interning there..but I would not steer you the wrong way! The space is beautiful, the cocktails are works of art and the food is delicious! Monday through Friday, EVR has a Happy Hour from 5-8pm. The drinks tend to be pricier (as mixology places tend to be), but the Happy Hour is a great time to test out the place and sample the food. You can follow EVR on Twitter @EVR_NYC for updates on events. 

What are you drinking tonight?