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Checking out the Library

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Reading is Important. So are Incredible Cocktails!

I live near The NoMad Hotel and I have wanted to check out The Library (!/dining/library) for cocktails. I had the perfect opportunity last night! I started with the Coffee Cocktail. 

The drink was made with Cognac, vintage port, demerara, egg and nutmeg. The drink was very tasty and not too heavy. Sort of like eggnog, but not. The non-alcoholic components definitely masked how strong the drink was, which was very!

The next drink I got was the Matchlock. The drink included rye, bourbon, absinthe, vanilla, grapefruit, ginger, lemon, and angostura bitters. Yum! After this drink, I was all done! The cocktails are $15 and well worth it. Expertly crafted and delicious. 

Until next time,