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Call the Nurse!

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This Prescription is Quite a Pickle!

Before we had dinner at Beauty & Essex, I wanted to try out a new cocktail spot. I read favorable reviews about Nurse Bettie ( The bar has a reputation for Burlesque and the bartender was a real character! People in NYC go crazy for Pickleback shots, but I refuse to get in on that action. My interest was piqued however when I saw the Pickle Martini - this sounds more like me!

The drink includes gin, Pickle Guy's pickle juice, dry vermouth and fresh black pepper. I was shocked at how much I loved the drink! I always wanted to be cool and like dirty martinis, but whenever I order them I don't like them. This, however, was SO DELICIOUS! It was more a hint of pickles than overwhelming. Really balanced, a bit salty, but I love salty. Make sure to order a nice tall glass of water with it! Yum! New favorite!

Bottoms up,