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Houston (Do You Copy?) Hall


Yet Another Beer Hall

A bunch of people from Stern wanted to meet up for drinks to celebrate a birthday and to acknowledge that it is Wednesday (HUMP DAY - isn't the Geico commercial great?). A favorite spot near school is Houston Hall ( It is a large style beer hall, complete with wooden tables and massive benches. I tend to wear dresses, so it can be a wee bit difficult to sit down on the bench without falling into some Miley Cyrus over-exposure situation. I decided to stay on the beer trend from last night (Blind Tiger) and ordered an apricot ale. It was ok at best. The temperature didn't seem very cold and I have sort of a "thing" with room temperature beer. I feel I am not unique in my distaste of tepid beer.

It is a great spot in terms of space (plenty of it and ceilings for days) and pricing (affordable drinks). Keep in mind that the seating is a bit tricky, so shorts or pants could be good options.

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