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Another Day, Another Date.

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Keeping it Casual at Galway Pub


Although I tend to prefer fancier cocktail spots, lately I've been leaning towards more casual places to meet for a first date. I feel like it relaxes the tone and may not make me appear as high maintenance ($12-$15 cocktails could do that, so trying new strategies). 

I messaged back and forth with a new gentleman. We hit it off and planned to meet at The Ginger Man. My date arrived earlier than I did and asked for me to scope out some other spots, since the original location was super crowded. Next door, he suggested Galway Pub ( We ended up going there and it was a great location. We met around 9pm. As the night wore on, it started to get more and more douchey (a bit too fratastic). We managed to find a quiet spot at the bar and stayed there, away from the first pumping. I ordered a Ketel One and Soda - didn't take a picture, since it wasn't that exciting. 

I'm not sure if I would go back on another date, but it met the needs (quiet enough, somewhere to sit, cheaper drinkers, low key).