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Cocktails at The Ace Hotel Lobby Bar

On Thursday, I had a first date and decided to meet at The Ace Hotel ( I've had good luck here in the past and I always figure that even if the date doesn't work out, I should still have a great cocktail.

Sometimes I don't take pictures of cocktails on my dates because I want to have some semblance of being cool. The first cocktail I ordered was a Bulleit Rye Manhattan. It was fabulous. Like most classy establishments, the cocktail is served with brandied cherries and not jarred Maraschino cherries. This is a game changer! I loved the cocktail. Perfect balance.

As my second cocktail, I ordered one of the seasonal features. It was a spiced apple cocktail with brandy. Delicious. I'm really glad I changed it up and didn't just get another Manhattan - even though they are incredibly tasty.

I felt the date went well but only time can tell. To be determined. Either way, I had two awesome drinks.