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Hot Ramen. Cold Nights.

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Of Course I Ordered Extra BBQ Pork!

In order to escape the polar vortex that plagued NYC last week, my friend Scott and I filled our faces with a hot bowl of noodles otherwise known as Ramen. Scott suggested Ramen Setagaya (, located near NYU on St. Marks. I've walked by it many times without knowing it was any good. Isn't that common in this insane city? There are simply too many fantastic options we take for granted.  

Customized Bowls? This place means BUSINESS!

Customized Bowls? This place means BUSINESS!

I haven't had a ton of ramen in my life, but the last time I got it, I ordered spicy miso ramen. It was fantastic, so I stuck with that. At this spot, the miso ramen contained many of the typical characters: BBQ pork, salt tasted eggs (I usually pass on that), bamboo shoots, beansprouts, cabbage, corn, and of course glorious noodles. I paid $2 extra for additional pork ("chasyu"). This was a shrewd decision and Scott copied my move. He is a smart one!

Spicy Miso Ramen!

Spicy Miso Ramen!

This is a tiny spot, like most Ramen spots, that is worth visiting. I would note that even with paying the upcharge for additional pork, there wasn't that much. Boo!