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Ten Degrees of No PDT

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Pick Up Your Phone When You Give PDT Your Number!

After Scott and I finished dinner and dessert, we wanted to visit PDT, located within Crif Dogs. You go within the unassuming hot dog spot to discover the hidden speakeasy. The phone booth has a number that you call. Then, someone within PDT opens up the phone booth and either 1. Invites you inside or 2. Takes your phone number for a reservation. We fell within 2 and Scott left his phone number. We decided to kill some time at a bar right down the street, Ten Degrees Bar (

I've been here before as it features a pretty awesome Happy Hour. 2 for 1 Drinks, 7 Days a week from noon to 8pm! Of course we entered the bar right after 8pm. I ordered a glass of red wine, I believe Montepulciano. It was $9 and quite nice.

Yay for Red Wine!

Yay for Red Wine!

While we were at Ten Degrees, Scott's phone rang. Naturally, he didn't have the volume up or the phone even out, so we missed the reservation. When we showed up at PDT, we were told it would be another 30 minutes. So, we just went home. I am still determined to go there sometime soon! If you're in this area, check out 10 Degrees for an affordable drink.