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Please Don't Tell the Sharks

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PDT Cocktails Pack a Punch!

Stop 3 of the East Village Bar Crawl led us to Please Don't Tell ( I tried to go here once before unsuccessfully, so I was very excited when my phone rang that our reservation was ready!

Please Don't Tell is one of the worst kept secrets in NYC speakeasies. I guess you should blame the internet for that. Clearly, this blog post is only perpetuating the non-exclusivity, but I believe in the democratization of fantastic cocktails. PDT is located within Crif Dogs, an unsuspecting hot dog shop. The food is great fast food - who doesn't enjoy processed, shaped meat wrapped in bacon?

Within a phone booth, there is a number to call to make a reservation. A hidden door opens and a very small lady opens to invite you to give your phone number. I imagine if it isn't busy you can sit down right away, but I've never had the pleasure.

After checking out the menu, we got the Shark, made with butter-infused Bacardi Silver Rum, overproof rum, Frangelico, Blue Curacao, Lemon and Pineapple Juice, Cream, and Bittermens Elemakule Tiki Bitters. It is a beautiful blue hue and accessorized with a teeny-tiny umbrella.

The Shark

The Shark

The décor at PDT is interesting to say the least. Many taxidermed animals decorate the walls. It adds a certain "something" for sure.

This raccoon was out at night, so it didn't have rabies. Also, it was dead.

This raccoon was out at night, so it didn't have rabies. Also, it was dead.

This is worth a visit for any serious cocktail fan. Just be prepared to wait - there are plenty of bars nearby to stick around for a drink or two while you wait for a ring!