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Crema de la Creme

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A Mexican Brunch Immediately Following a Mexican Dinner

One of my closest friends, Courtney, came down from Boston to visit me for the holiday weekend. Since I have been on break from school for about 6 weeks, each day sort of blends into the next, so the holiday weekend didn't seem that different than any other day this break. It was a pleasure to catch up with my friend though!

I looked into some new spots for unlimited brunch. I heard about Crema ( and wanted to check it out. The deal is for a $21.95 Unlimited Mimosa Brunch. The price includes an entrée from a list with many good choices, coffee or tea and unlimited mimosas. The mimosas were constantly refreshed, which was nice! I hate when you go to an unlimited spot and you have to hunt down the server for refills. The quality was what you'd expect for the unlimited factor - likely made with a cheaper sparkling wine and some sort of OJ. It got the job done though! The coffee was also nice. While we waited for our entrees, of course we ordered the guacamole.



Honestly, for $12 I thought it would be bigger. There is clearly a "That's What She Said" joke tucked in there. The chips weren't that great either. I love when they are hot and salted - these were cold and just seemed out of a bag. Not impressed.

For my entrée, I chose the Burrito de Mole Poblano, made with shredded chicken, Chihuahua cheese, beans, chipotle potatoes, corn and mole sauce. It was presented in an interesting way.



I don't know about you, but I've NEVER seen a burrito presented this way. It still tasted delicious, I just thought due to the presentation it may have raw fish in it or be for a small child.

My friend ordered the Salad, it looked nice and HEALTHY.

If you go here, skip the guac!