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Coffee & WiFi - OH MY!


Demarco Coffee Stole my Heart

Last weekend, I needed to meet up with a classmate to finish an assignment. He lives on the Upper East Side and I'm in Herald Square. We both didn't want to trek down to campus, so I looked for some coffee spots that were located between our apartments.

I checked on Yelp! (because I do this automatically) and Demarco Coffee ( caught my eye. Not only were the reviews for the coffee overwhelming positive but it also offered free WiFi! I tend to do my homework at my apartment or school, so I'm not sure if free WiFi is not much of a perk anymore. At this point, is it like a hotel room offering bath towels? Is it such an essential amenity that it is no longer a perk?

After looking at the menu, I decided to order a cappuccino.

Cappuccino, how I heart you!

Cappuccino, how I heart you!

The coffee was great and hit the spot. I needed some caffeine to get my Sunday jumpstarted. If you're in Midtown East, check it out!