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You Make Me Crazy St. Mazie


An Attempt at Dinner Becomes Just a Drink

Since we couldn't eat dinner at M. Shanghai, Christine suggested that we try an alternative place: St. Charles Cellar ( We put our names down (there was a BROOKLYN, I know!). I guess everyone that wanted to go to M. Shanghai had the same idea as us. We were told we would have to wait about 30-45 minutes for our table located downstairs (hence the restaurant name). Naturally, we went to the bar upstairs, St. Maize (, for a cocktail while we waited.

The majority of us went with the Brown Derby, made with Bourbon, Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice and Honey.

Brown Derby

Brown Derby

The drink was super refreshing and went down easy. We waited until we finished our cocktail and then we PEACED OUT. We were starving at this point and we still wanted Chinese food! Michelle was smart enough to start ordering delivery while we were en-route to her apartment. We proceeded to have a delicious meal at her place. Yay for back-up plans!

I'd definitely come back to St. Maize and St. Charles Cellar. Ideally when I'm not starving. The venue has live music daily - nice touch!