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Heading Out West(ville)

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Veggies for DAYS

Friday was a fun day! I had two girl catch-up dates on the calendar! Lunch and manicures with Kate to kick-off the day and THEN dinner and a cocktail crawl with Aish to round it out.

Kate suggested we meet up at Westville East ( for lunch. I've heard GREAT things about this place from multiple people. I was glad she picked this spot. We both ordered a coffee to get the day going. Our server was very attentive and kept our cups full - this matters when you're thirsty AND tired!

We ordered a plate of three veggies to split. Each day, there is board outside and inside listing all of the vegetables and there preparation. We picked the Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and kale. They were delicious, fresh and tasty!

Veggies NEVER looked so good!

Veggies NEVER looked so good!

Our entrees came right when we finished up the veggie plate - perfect timing! Kate ordered the Grilled Salmon Salad with mixed greens, fresh mint, baby spinach and cherry tomatoes. She seemed to love it! I didn't snap a pic but trust that it was beautiful.

I ordered one of the daily specials: a frittata! It was an Italian-style one, with mozzarella, red pepper, spinach and prosciutto. It was served with the choice of a side salad or fries - I went with the side salad. It was dressed lightly and delicious!



I look forward to coming back to Westville for dinner and trying some different veggies! For vegetarians and all good food lovers out there, check out this spot. There is also a West, Chelsea and Hudson location.