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Milk Does a Body Good

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Dessert as Addictive as Crack

After our wonderful dinner at B4, the girls and I headed to Momofuku Milk Bar ( is the East Village. I've had the pleasure of dining here before, so I was full of recommendations on what to order.

First, we started with a pint of the Cereal Milk soft serve. If you get an individual serving, it is $4. The pint (which is easily more than 2x the size of the individual) is $8. Make sure to get the pint layered with cereal crunchies! The salty-sweetness is what makes this dessert a stand out. If you're a fan of things like salted caramel or kettle corn, you will LOVE this! I was too busy eating to remember to take photos, so this is all I have. #sorryimnotsorry

Tasting Portions

Tasting Portions

We split up the pint into individual servings so we could taste a bunch of things. We also ordered a slice of crack pie (it reminds me of a pecan pie...minus the pecans). It has the sweetness of a condensed milk dessert. So yummy! We also got the birthday cake truffles. If you love that taste, this intense flavored ball of goodness will blow your socks off.

There are several other Milk bars in New York, including the Upper West Side, Midtown West, Williamsburg and Carroll Gardens. Make sure to check it out and you MUST try the cereal milk!