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Juke Bar has Happy Hour Hits

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Happy Hour Every Night Until 9pm!

Before meeting up for dinner with Liv, Christine and I hit up Happy Hour at Juke Bar ( This East Village establishment has awesome drink specials: all beer if $5 and wine & well-drinks are half-priced AS WELL AS the specialty cocktails ($8 instead of $13)!

Given how awesome this deal is, you can imagine the bar got a bit crowded. Christine is a genius and managed to snag a table. After I waited at the bar for our drinks (it took about 10 minutes to order), we found out once I was seated again that there was waitress service. Oh well, sometimes you live and you learn. At least we were able to order our second round without going to the bar - the wait wasn't much shorter but at least I didn't spill!

For my first cocktail, I got the Junior's Levee, made with Old Grand Dad Whiskey, fresh blackberries, lemon, cracked mint leaves and simple syrup.  

Junior's Levee

Junior's Levee

I did like this cocktail but felt it was a bit teeny. Sometimes those fancy glasses end up backfiring on the customer.

For my second drink, I got the Maple Old Fashioned.

Maple Old Fashioned

Maple Old Fashioned

I'm not sure what spirits were used in this cocktail (no further details on the menu), but I loved it! It was a normal sized drink and had a lovely taste to it.

If you're looking for a solid Happy Hour with specialty cocktails, this is a great option. It does get crowded though, so try to come earlier!