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Visiting the Lab for Kickass Gelato


Il Laboratorio Del Gelato is a Treat!

After our lovely dinner at Katz's Deli, Scott and I spotted the perfect spot for dessert: il laboratorio del gelato ( is right across the street!

A peek into where the magic is made!

A peek into where the magic is made!

This is not your typical gelato shop. It is full of incredibly unique flavors. I wanted to try something different while making sure I would still enjoy it (this can sometimes be a difficult balance to achieve!). I chose a selection of three flavors: espresso chip, malt and Vietnamese cinnamon. I loved the malt and cinnamon flavors! I found the espresso to be a bit too bitter for my liking.

My dessert!

My dessert!

Next time, I may try some of the more exotic flavors: earl grey, lavender, pumpkin, and wasabi!

If you're in the Lower East Side and craving something sweet, make a stop here!