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Eating Early = Saving Money

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Boyd Thai has a Nom-Worthy Dinner Special!

I have been missing out on an incredible Thai spot near campus! Luckily, I have smart friends that are in the know (like Melissa) to make sure I stay on top of the best meal deals in town!

Most Thai restaurants in NYC have a reputation for having awesome lunch specials, so it is a nice change to see a restaurant also offering a dinner special. Boyd Thai's ( "early bird" special is from 4pm - 7pm. For $12, you get an appetizer plate with a summer roll, house salad and dumplings! The dressing on the salad is so tasty. The peanut sauce for the summer roll is out of this world. I didn't use all of it but I still ended up eating it with a spoon. Sometimes, you do what you need to do. No judgment here.

Appetizer plate is included for the early birds!

Appetizer plate is included for the early birds!

For my entrée, I got the pineapple curry with chicken. The curry is very similar to a red curry but with pineapples. I ordered it mild since I was warned this place can make food very spicy! It was delicious. I had to get it to go because I was running late for class. Trust that it was delicious and I enjoyed every bite!

If you're in between classes at NYU and looking for a tasty lunch ($8 special!) or dinner, give this Thai joint a try! It has semi-open air seating, so it is great to enjoy as the weather improves.