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Good Ol' Diner Food Hits the Spot


Waverly is a Master at Consistency

I love Scott. He is one of my favorite MBA1s and also one of my favorite people in general. We often end up catching up whenever both of our schedules allow. Typically, these catch-ups are done over a shared meal. We both love breakfast. A diner that is one of our favorites is Waverly ( It is so legit that it doesn't even have a website. This is the real deal!

When we went here the first time, we both got the breakfast skillet This is more of a savory play. Eggs. Bacon. Hash Browns. GAME OVER. I wanted to change it up this time, so I ordered chocolate chip pancakes. I prefer hot syrup with my pancakes and I appreciate that they would heat it up for me. Cold syrup sucks - it doesn't melt the butter and cools down the pancakes. NOT COOL...literally, COLD.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes for the WIN

Chocolate Chip Pancakes for the WIN

This place is great. If you're in the West Village and looking for a great meal, hit up Waverly!