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Birthday Drinks for a New Friend!

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Whitehall: A Cramped Space with Great Cocktails

Last Thursday, a new friend, Erin, was celebrating her birthday with cocktails at Whitehall ( I love love love Erin and her boyfriend JBJ! Also, some other new friends, Frank and Sophia attended. So fun catching up with them!

I've gone to this spot before with Aish on a West Village cocktail crawl several months ago. As I noticed the first time, the bar area is VERY cramped. This is mostly because there are tables for patrons to eat at immediately behind the bar. While I understand restaurants in NYC are trying to maximize profits with more tables, it is incredibly annoying to pay for a cocktail and be nearly in someone's lap as they eat dinner. Granted, this is likely as annoying, if not more, for the people attempting to eat!

For my first cocktail, I ordered the No. 11, this cocktail is made with house infused vanilla bean bourbon, lemon and mint. It is served in a mason jar and super yummy!

The No.11

The No.11

For my second drink, I ordered a gin (Tanqueray) and tonic. This isn't the sexiest looking cocktail, so I didn't snap a photo.

For my third and final cocktail, I ordered a Bulleit Manhattan. I love when this cocktail is served in a couple glass - so classy!

Bulleit Manhattan - don't you just love the brandied cherry? Swank city!

Bulleit Manhattan - don't you just love the brandied cherry? Swank city!

We were starving while we were there for a couple hours, so we ordered a couple baskets of French fries. They were tasty! It was odd that they were served with BBQ sauce and not ketchup, so I asked for mayo for dipping. Because, when the food is already fried, you clearly need to dip it in mayo. NOM NOM!

I recommend checking this place out for a drink, but be warned if you go during a generally popular time (right after work or the weekend evenings) you will be cramped!