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Cupcakes Bring the (Sugar Sweet) Sunshine Out!

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My Favorite Cupcakes in the City!

Who knew I would discover my new favorite cupcake while attending a Strategy Speaker session on a Friday? My professor ordered cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery ( and I was in HEAVEN!

I chose a yellow cupcake that looked adorable without knowing the flavor. Little did I know that I would be discovering my new favorite flavor: Holla Back Girl! It is a banana cake with cream cheese frosting. I am super super weird about banana. I generally do not like it on its own, but I love it in baked goods, especially banana bread. This cupcake captured everything I love about banana bread and slapped delicious frosting on it!

For the last day of classes for the undegrad course I assist with, I asked the professor if I could order cupcakes. Once she gave me the OK, I ordered 84 cupcakes of a variety of flavors. People tended to love the Black & White...Just Right (chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream), Strawberry (strawberry cake with cream cheese icing) and the Holla Back Girl! Without question, the Sunshine (yellow cake with vanilla buttercream) are amazing and a crowd pleaser.

Beautiful colors!

Beautiful colors!

What I love about this bakery, in addition to its awesome cupcakes, is that it offers delivery. If you have a sizeable order, the $16.95 delivery fee (may change depending on distance from the bakery) isn't that much of a drain and it saves you the time of heading over there and lugging them, especially if you ordered 7 dozen!

Also, most bakeries in NYC have cupcakes that are nearly $3 if not more! This bakery has cupcakes that are *only* $2! I know that sounds ridiculous if you don't live in NYC, but this is a relative bargain, especially given the quality.

When I'm in the neighborhood, I look forward to stopping into the physical location to sample some desserts beyond just the cupcakes :)