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Hunger Hits Post LIRR Train Ride

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Grabbed Burgers at Brother Jimmy's

After a wonderful weekend in the Hamptons, we boarded the fast train back to the city! We had a small snack before we boarded the train and were ready to inhale some food once we arrived at Penn Station. Melissa and I both live a short walk from the station, and she suggested grabbing a fast meal at Brother Jimmy's BBQ ( We figured if we walked home and ordered Seamless, it would take even longer and we were in no mood to wait!

I ordered the Burger with Cheddar Cheese. I asked for mayo on the side and the server said they had Chipotle Mayo available - awesome! I did notice, though, when I got the bill that there was a small charge for the condiment; it would have been better if I had been told that. The burger and fries hit the spot! The meat was juicy and the fries were scrumptious.

Burger with Cheddar

Burger with Cheddar

Melissa ordered the Signature BBQ Burger. It is grilled with Chipotle BBQ Sauce, Cheddar and Topped with Onion Rings. She got a side of sweet potato fries - I tried one and didn't like them as much as the regular ones.

BJ's Signature BBQ Burger

BJ's Signature BBQ Burger

This spot is very casual and has different drink/meal deals during the week. Overall, it was a bit too fratty for me (a lot of focus on showing games on the TVs). It was, however, perfect for a desperate meal.