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I love celebrating. When I celebrate, the event tends to involve cocktails and the cocktail of choice is driven by the occasion. For BIG events, Champagne is the only option. For others, you want a tropical beverage that reminds you of a vacation or a classic drink that transports you back in time. In either case, this delicious liquid is going to come out of a bottle. Many times, the bottle is stunning! In some cases, it is even more beautiful than the cocktail. Sadly, after an event, the bottle gets TOSSED. 

Enter the creativity of Jason Amos and Cameron Fulks, the brains behind Champagne Candle Co.  Armed with a track record of success in the nightlife industry, Jason and Cameron, based in Tampa, saw an opportunity to re-purpose the bottles that are regularly ordered by guests. Beyond typical bottles (think vodka, tequila and Champagne), there are also special limited quantity bottles (large format sizes, special labels, luminous bottles) that are typically thrown out - how sad! 

Realizing the inherent beauty of the bottles, Jason and Cameron decided to partner with friend and candle company owner, Kevin Collins, to custom cut the bottles and fill them! Check out some of my favorite bottles below and click through (photos courtesy of Champagne Candle Co.)

Cameron was kind enough to send me a sample so I could give a product review. The candles are made from high-quality soy wax. The wax is scented with what the company called Island Fresh Escape, a fresh, clean scent that reminds you of a tropical getaway. I have it lit as I type and it smells heavenly!

Moet Rose Luminous

Moet Rose Luminous

The candle they sent me was made from a Moet & Chandon Rose Luminous bottle. An awesome feature is that the bottle can be lit (there is hardware built into the bottle of the bottle) even without being "lit" - like a Champagne night light - so cool. 

LET THERE BE LIGHT: Luminous Feature

LET THERE BE LIGHT: Luminous Feature

A great program the company is offering is a Custom Candle Program. For weddings, parties, corporate events or other special occasions, you can send in the empty bottles that were consumed to get custom candles created and engraved (names, dates, you name it!). 

I highly recommend trying a candle for yourself and following the company's social accounts to see awesome creations!


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Instagram: @ChampagneCandleCo