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This Is Our Youth


Michael Cera Delivers a Nuanced Performance

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to take in a Broadway Performance? I couldn't think of an answer, so Melissa and I found ourselves heading to the Cort Theatre to see This Is our Youth, starring Michael Cera, Kieran Culkin and Tavi Gevinson (who first rose to fame as a fashion blogger at the age of 12). Playwright Kenneth Lonergan captured the challenging transition between youth and whatever happens next. 

To give you a brief overview without spoiling it, the show is a "comedy" (I'd say more of a dramedy given all the hijinks) that follows three young adults in the early 1980s. There are drugs, sex and all the other antics that come with new adulthood. 

Out of the cast, I found Michael Cera's performance as Warren to be a highlight. His use of physical comedy is poignant. Kieran Culkan as Dennis was fantastic. I haven't seen a lot of his other work and was impressed. Finally, Tavi Gevinson was a surprise with her deep, husky voice and talented portrayal of Jessica. 

This is all I could TAKE IT IN

This is all I could TAKE IT IN

This is a performance that sucks you in! The theatre is intimate and makes you feel like a part of the show. I was on the edge of my seat at certain parts (you'll know which if you see it!).