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Dashing Diva Dashes from Groupon


Another Disappointment with Groupon

For Pride week, Rachel, the lovely president of Stern's LGBT organization (Outclass) organized a Mani-Pedi evening at Dashing Diva with a Champagne toast.

We ended up having a lovely time (it is the company not the location that counts most) but now....let me rant!

Melissa, Sydnee and Rachel - Stern Hotties

Melissa, Sydnee and Rachel - Stern Hotties

My friend Melissa is the Deal Queen - she always knows of the hottest offers on Gilt, LivingSocial, Groupon, etc. She mentioned she was purchasing the pedicure deal on Groupon for Dashing Diva ( The offer was for a Marine Spa Manicure or Marine Spa Pedicure - it involved saving money, so I was interested!

Naturally, because it was Groupon, there was A LOT OF FINE PRINT! The manicure deal Mon-Wed was $13 and any other day of the week $19 ($26 value). The pedicure deal Mon-Wed was $27 and any other day of the week $35 ($55 value). We purchased the $35 pedicure, since the event was on a Thursday.

We read in the fine print of the deal that you cannot use the deal if you are in a group of 3+ people. We were also required to make an appointment, so we called to make one separate from the larger group. Shockingly, when we tried to book the appointment, we were told NO! Why? Because the "entire salon" was booked for the Pride event (which wasn't true). Ugh, ANNOYING.

We contacted Groupon for a full refund (was easy to do so - thank goodness) and just went to get a normal pedicure with a 10% NYU student discount. It ended up being still very pricey (over $30!) and didn't seem like the work reflected the cost. I went more to support Rachel and Outclass for Pride Week than for the "deal" - I certainly won't be going back - too many affordable/fantastic spots in the city!



Yelp Deals are Awesome


70 Minute Massage for $50? Yes Please!

Melissa is full of great suggestions. I told her that a stressful week had really taken a toll on my physical health and I needed a massage. She recommended a no-frills spot called Taiji Body Works ( Make sure to check the site and Yelp before you go for the best discount!

She gave me a heads up that the place is very bare bones; you are literally a curtain away from the next client. It is so affordable because you aren't paying for all the non-service related components in most "luxury" locations (e.g. thick walls between rooms, large ornate lobbies, plush bathrobes, extreme quiet). If you're on a budget and want a fantastic massage, this is the place for you. The location is clean and has incredible professional service. Melissa recommended George and he was fantastic.

The 70 minute massage included a lot of back work, elbow work, hot stone massage, foot massage. The place offers a Buy 10 Get 1 Free Card which makes it even more affordable AND they take American Express. I was pleasantly surprised, I figured it would cash only. I will be back! A lot of reviews on Yelp! recommend Helen so I may check her out next time.


What Time is it? Mani-Pedi Time!


A Pure Spa is Pure Bliss

This past Thursday, my friend Melissa and I both got mani-pedis to prepare for an upcoming event (Charity Ball) at Stern. She knew a place ( and was nice enough to share it with me! They offer an incredible deal for $23 (standard manicure and pedicure). 

I chose to "upgrade" to the $40 package; it included a pedicure with Vitamin E, callous removal and a 10 minute leg/foot massage. I was originally confused and thought it was a back massage (which led me to getting a massage later that night). I normally don't indulge in beauty services too much, but today was an exception. 

The service was really top-notch. Because it's freezing cold in NYC now, I had socks and sneakers on. After getting my nails done and drying them for a bit under the lights, the technician applied a sealant to my pedicure and put my feet in a bag. This procedure prevented the awful "freshly painted nails stuck to your socks" ordeal.

If you're in the Chelsea area and want a high-quality, affordable manicure, visit this place