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70 Minute Massage for $50? Yes Please!

Melissa is full of great suggestions. I told her that a stressful week had really taken a toll on my physical health and I needed a massage. She recommended a no-frills spot called Taiji Body Works ( Make sure to check the site and Yelp before you go for the best discount!

She gave me a heads up that the place is very bare bones; you are literally a curtain away from the next client. It is so affordable because you aren't paying for all the non-service related components in most "luxury" locations (e.g. thick walls between rooms, large ornate lobbies, plush bathrobes, extreme quiet). If you're on a budget and want a fantastic massage, this is the place for you. The location is clean and has incredible professional service. Melissa recommended George and he was fantastic.

The 70 minute massage included a lot of back work, elbow work, hot stone massage, foot massage. The place offers a Buy 10 Get 1 Free Card which makes it even more affordable AND they take American Express. I was pleasantly surprised, I figured it would cash only. I will be back! A lot of reviews on Yelp! recommend Helen so I may check her out next time.