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What Time is it? Mani-Pedi Time!


A Pure Spa is Pure Bliss

This past Thursday, my friend Melissa and I both got mani-pedis to prepare for an upcoming event (Charity Ball) at Stern. She knew a place ( and was nice enough to share it with me! They offer an incredible deal for $23 (standard manicure and pedicure). 

I chose to "upgrade" to the $40 package; it included a pedicure with Vitamin E, callous removal and a 10 minute leg/foot massage. I was originally confused and thought it was a back massage (which led me to getting a massage later that night). I normally don't indulge in beauty services too much, but today was an exception. 

The service was really top-notch. Because it's freezing cold in NYC now, I had socks and sneakers on. After getting my nails done and drying them for a bit under the lights, the technician applied a sealant to my pedicure and put my feet in a bag. This procedure prevented the awful "freshly painted nails stuck to your socks" ordeal.

If you're in the Chelsea area and want a high-quality, affordable manicure, visit this place