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The (Blair Witch) Greenwich Project

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Hidden Gem Close to Stern!

You know your life needs an intervention when a group of friends takes over 50 emails to schedule an evening together. A full-time MBA program is no joke. Once you add internships, relationships, and other obligations (like sleeping, exercise, remaining sane), you enter into a never-ending email chain of suggested dates and locations. We bit the bullet and scheduled drinks for tonight, after many of us were done with night class. It was aggressive and it perfectly suited this group of incredible friends. 

As we walked near campus (carrying super sexy backpacks doesn't encourage one to venture far), we found the Greenwich Project ( We were ready for drinks!!!

Bklyn '76

My first cocktail was from the menu. It was a mix of gin, rosemary honey, lemon, sparkling wine and house lavender bitters. I loved it! I appreciated the balance of the drink and the other ingredients prevented the gin from tasting too junipery or pine needley (yes those are words!). The glass added to the experience; it was delicate and elevated. Just a class act.

I loved the cocktail menu. In case you didn't like the bartenders' suggested cocktails, there were general categories you could order from: boozy, sour, spicy, sweet, refreshing, etc. I thought this was clever and matched the general vibe of the place. A lot of customization and attention to detail. 

I decided to be adventurous (a current theme in my life) and let the bartender have free reign with a dessert cocktail. The server asked for general direction (what I didn't like and what I preferred) and then let the bartender take over! 

Bartender's Choice

My drink ended up including hazelnut liqueur, Grand Marnier, and heavy cream (I believe about 2 cups...woof). Although the taste of the cocktail was pleasant, it was far too heavy too enjoy. I should have been more clear that I wanted a sweet drink, not a glass of heavy cream. Either way, this is what happens when you live on the edge and through caution (and the menu) to the wind. 

I would consider coming back here for dinner. Among my group, we split the doughnut dessert and no-bake cheesecake. Both were great, although the filing in the doughnuts led to questionable consumption. It was a bit...well, order it and let me know!