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Margaritas with the Lux Ladies

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Is That a Mango in your Marg?

Sometimes the best way to be productive is to take a break. At least, that is my personal philosophy. The past several weeks have been a tailspin with school assignments, projects, travel and my parents visiting. That being said, I love having a full-schedule, but sometimes a gal needs a break. A time to unwind. Initially, I thought of going home right after class and skipping out on what would be a fabulous evening with some Stern ladies. Katey, Catie, Connie and Sarah are truly wonderful and all members of the Luxury and Retail Club board at Stern. It was nice to unwind with such a great group!

Now, onto the review! I have to admit, this isn't my first time at Agave ( This West Village Mexican gem is a favorite. The Happy Hour features $7 Margaritas (typically $10) with additional fresh fruit puree added for no up-charge (awesome!). I chose mango. I've gotten it before and it continues to deliver! Although the frozen margaritas are pre-made in a machine, they still taste fresh and not full of "mix" or "sugar" like others I have had. I highly recommend it. Also, there is a 2-hour bottomless brunch on the weekends. You can have as many of those Margaritas as you can handle (make sure to have a free afternoon!!).

Now...back to my Brand Strategy PowerPoint presentation!