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Three Wise Women at Wise Men

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The First Meeting of the Ladies Drinking League!

Outside of Wise Men

Olivia, our fearless leader, selected Wise Men ( as the first venue for our newly formed Ladies Drinking League. I snapped a photo of the venue's entrance because it really pops! I was walking up Bowery and had no idea where Wise Men was...that is until I saw the neon sign and lovely ladies on the wall. It definitely grabbed my attention. The styling inside is very sleek; a narrow space that certainly has a certain ambiance. As I waited for Olivia and Christine (the only "members" that could attend), I ordered a Caipirinha. It was ok at best. Typically the drink is shaken to properly mix the sugar, limes and cachaca. The bartender prepared the drink with a long spoon and it wasn't until I reached the end that I tasted all the sugary-goodness. 

My Drank

I was also hungry, so I ordered two tapas: the stuffed mushrooms (cremini mushrooms, sautéed onions, pecorino) and french fries (with horseradish crème). The tapas were ok, but nothing to write home about (but apparently enough to write on my blog). 

Overall, I don't think I'd come back here. I've had much better drinks and food at other places.