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Happily EVR After

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Living it Up (with Liv)

Last night, I was able to encourage Liv to join me at EVR ( to celebrate our Brand Strategy success! It was an incredible experience to work on a school project for a company I know very well. I hope our recommendations will help EVR continue its growth! We started things off with our "go-to" EVR drink....


I love love love that drink! After we had this, we were feeling adventurous. Typically, I avoid mint like the plague when I order cocktails. But, based on Carlos' recommendation (his lovely hand is featured above), I ordered the Vanilla Mint Julep. It contains Bourbon, Madagascar Vanilla, Cherry Heering, Mint and Lime. 

Vanilla Mint Julep

I love how the Julep is served! The metal "cup" and fresh sprig of mint really finish it off nicely. Even though the Derby was a couple of days ago, I felt like we were honoring it!

Definitely check out EVR!