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A Trip to the Orient

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Cocktail & Tea Time!

I wanted to surprise Amber with something special so I made reservations for afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel ( The tea is daily at starts at 2:30pm. We got there a bit early (2:00pm) to make sure we could secure a window seat. Most of the seating has a good view, but when you're spending $$$ you want to make sure it is the best!

While we waited for tea time to start, we (naturally) ordered a cocktail. One immediately caught my eye: the Summer Solstice. It is a heavenly mix of vodka, blood orange juice, mango puree and Solerno liqueur (blood orange). This cocktail was magical and at $19 (!!) I was hoping it would be. I knew at a place like this you're paying for the view and it was worth it. 

Once we finished our cocktails, we moved on to tea! I ordered the Thunderbolt Darjeeling tea. It was a delicious black tea. Check out the scones, finger sandwiches and desserts! Nom! I highly recommend this spot for a special event - a mom in town, good friend or to impress a lady!

Until next time!