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Too Hot Out...Starting to Feel like a Zombie!

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Maison Premiere is a Premier Spot! 

I wanted to show Amber a bar that has a totally different character than many bars I've been to in the city. My good friend Lisa introduced me to Maison Premiere ( nearly a year ago and I've been a fan ever since! We ordered a zombie cocktail. It was delicious and strong!!! The crushed ice helps dilute the cocktail - it is definitely a sipper. I've gotten absinthe cocktails there before but I'm not a huge fan of absinthe. I think I mainly ordered it because the presentation is beautiful. I'll continue to stick to the zombie. 

As a side note, the oyster happy hour is phenomenal (M-F, 4-7pm)! Unlike many spots, all oysters are available for the special. You can get a wide selection for a great value. Be warned though, you want to get there early!!! Seating fills up quickly. Additionally, there is a beautiful garden in the back with more seating. 

Your favorite zombie lover,