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Back (Forty) to Visit Alphabet City

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Mid-Summer Intern Celebration!  

I have heard good things about Back Forty ( and was pleased to see we were having our dinner there! I have been meaning to spend more time in Alphabet City, so this is great way to do that! In order to celebrate our brands, I ordered the Back Forty. It is made with George Dickel #12, maple and lemon. I absolutely loved it! I'm trying to get more into whisky and this was a non-intimidating introduction.

After I enjoyed my cocktail for a bit, the food (and there was plenty!) started to come out. I didn't snap pictures, but the cornbread and fried chicken were delicious!! Really brought me back to Charlotte and Price's Chicken Coop. Below is a shot of the pork shoulder, slaw and bread (some sort of pita). Really good. We just ate obscene amounts of food, typical.

Also, there were DOUGHNUTS! So good! Check out this spot!

After, we went to Pouring Ribbons which is right down the street. A super exclusive, swanky cocktail spot. I wouldn't rank it as high as some of the other "list-only" places I've gone (Raines Law Room is much better), but I do like the atmosphere. If you're going to pay $15+ for a cocktail, I like to have service and a seat! It is worth a visit.