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Pour(ing) on the Ribbons of Cocktails!

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Checked Off Another Speakeasy!

I had heard about Pouring Ribbons ( and wanted to check it out but had not found myself in Alphabet City. After my mid-year intern celebration (I've been bad in posting!), we went to Pouring Ribbons, since we were right down the block! 

Drink #1 - bartender's choice with Zacapa Rum as the base. I thought it was ok but wasn't a fan of some of the bartender's mixer choices - sometimes it pays to be VERY specific of what you do/don't like. Wasn't feeling too adventurous that night.

My next cocktail was straight off the menu, a classic Champagne cocktail. Delicious and refreshing!

Overall, I thought that Pouring Ribbons was a beautiful space and was quiet enough to have conversations with your friends or date. I will keep this in mind to visit in the future!