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Checked out another selection at the Library!

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The NoMad Library Delivers Again!

My friend Amber had her first visit to NYC this past holiday weekend. I wanted to give her a proper tour of the city: a cocktail tour! I introduced her to some of my favorites and we found some new spots together. Her first night here, we went to The NoMad Library ( I went to this spot several weeks ago for the first time and was really impressed. Also, I love that it is only a couple of blocks away from my apartment!

I ordered the Petticoat. It is a delicious blend of Sichuan peppercorn-infused gin, apricot liqueur, velvet falernum and lemon. The cocktail had a very clean profile and a nice lingering taste. I was worried it may have been too spicy but the peppercorn adds depth and balance to the drink. Yum!

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