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Checking in at the Wythe Hotel & The Ides Bar

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Great View with Cocktails to Match

I'm a big fan of Williamsburg. I figured a great way to kick off my friend's first visit was with an introduction to the Wythe Hotel ( and its rooftop, The Ides Bar. I had been meaning to go but hadn't visited it yet - what better day than the Fourth of July? 

The rooftop didn't open until 2pm, so we ordered a cocktail at the main level bar. I got a Tom Collins. It was quite tasty! I've been on a gin kick lately. The cocktail is made with gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and club soda. The weather was super hot so this was the ideal way to cool down. 

The Ides Bar has a fantastic view of the city. I was shocked by how pretentious it seemed downstairs. There is a whole process of waiting in a roped line and having a hostess check IDs and then usher up groups up people to the elevator. It seemed a bit too Manhattan for the neighborhood. I can imagine it is a popular spot, but maybe it is getting too popular for its own good.

Once upstairs, I ordered a traditional daiquiri - not your frozen type. The basic recipe (that every bartender should master!) is rum, fresh squeezed citrus (typically lime) and sugar (natural is best). The drink wasn't as good as the one I loved at my work bar, but then again, the rum used was Zacapa - which is amazing!

I also got a glass of rose, but that is not exciting, so no picture!