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Burger Joint Moves Downtown!

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Friends and Fries!

I always heard really great things about Burger Joint, a secret burger spot located within Le Parker Meridien, but never quite made it there for one reason or another. I received an email from the new location ( right by NYU with an offer for a free dinner of burger and fries for up to 10 people. As any smart full-time MBA student (read: no current source of income), I jumped at this opportunity and gathered friends to scope out the new spot!


The Burger Joint!

While we waited for our food, we ordered drinks. I got a beer (it seemed appropriate given the food). I believe it was Ommegang. It was a nice and light option.


The glass reminds me of a grenade

It's showtime! The burgers have arrived, mine is personalized! I think it says Liz?


I *meant* to take a photo, but I was overwhelmed and had already started to inhale it. Oops.


The burgers are great! Just so you know, Burger Joint has an incredibly small menu. What it lacks in variety, it makes up for it in quality.


I love the sign in the restaurant. It makes you think. Does it say "Eat" or "Fat" or "Who cares?"


CHECK OUT BURGER JOINT! It is awesome. Support local businesses!