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A Cause for Celebration!

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Visiting NYC's Hottest New Restaurant, Piora

My close friend, Liv, and I had two huge reasons for celebration: after a year of recruiting, interviewing, and interning, we have job offers. It feels great! I tend to celebrate momentous occasions with food and drink. Allison, the fabulous entrepreneur behind Brenne Whisky (, recommend this spot: Piora ( In addition to carrying her incredibly whisky, the restaurant is currently ranked #1 on Eater Manhattan's Heatmap for Where to Eat in Manhattan. Given these two pieces of information, I made a reservation!

As we reviewed the menu, we ordered cocktails. I ordered Fall Leaves (Plymouth Gin, Calvados, Apple, Maple Syrup, Tea and Lemon). It was yummy! It reminded me of fall, a blend of apple cider flavors and maple! Liv ordered the Wear and Tear, a play on an Old Fashioned, made with Old Overhold Rye, Aperol, Chartreuse Jeune, Cinzano  and Angostura. 

Fall Leaves

Wear and Tear

Once we got our cocktails, the chef presented us with an amuse-bouche. It was crisp, light and tasty. A nice way to prepare the palate for what was to come!


We had to order the Monkey Bread!! It is served hot, warm, sweet and salty with two awesome spreads: Lardo (aka pork fat) and Seaweed Butter. Each spread was awesome in its own right and I'm not sure which I preferred.

Monkey Bread - Lardo (left) and Seaweed Butter (right)

For our entrees, we started with a split order of Bucatini. The pasta is black because it is made with black garlic and a little squid ink is added. There is also crab and mushrooms on top - simply divine. Since we split the pasta, our server was gracious enough to separate into two bowls. It can be awkward to split pasta!


For the entrees, we split the Duck (a perfectly prepared breast) and the Halibut (with mushrooms and brown butter)



With our dinner, I ordered a glass of white and Liv ordered a glass of red wine.

A pair of happy glasses

You know we totally got dessert! Liv ordered a glass of Port, but I wanted to try the ice cream (chocolate, salted caramel and vanilla). Liv is such a good friend that she offered to try it too!

3 Scoops of Awesome

The owner, Simon, came by our table and we chatted about our mutual friend (Allison, mentioned above). I should say that I know her more, since she is a celebrity of sorts - we got a complimentary dessert! It was lovely.

Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Before we left, I had to snap a photo of the back-bar. I saw Allison's bottle of Brenne! I am so proud of her! I realize the photo is bad. It was tricky taking a photo without completely infiltrating someone's personal space.

Brenne, right next to Blue Label - so impressed!

You must try Piora!