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Celebratory Drinks!

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Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar

Yesterday was a GREAT day! If anything, it was more of a turning point in my life than just a Thursday. After several years of planning, researching and preparing, I got a job offer to join my dream company. Over two years ago, I started the process of applying to business school and transitioning to a completely different industry (real estate to wine, beer and spirits) and function (investment banking to marketing). I am thrilled to start this next chapter of my life. In the spirit (pun intended) of celebration, I met with a new friend from Stern, Scott. In a small world twist, we actually know each other from my first job. We were in the same hire class in Charlotte, NC over six years ago - crazy! He was near my neighborhood, so I suggested a fun spot near me that has fantastic dessert cocktails, Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar ( 

I started with the Raspberry Chocolate Martini. It was DIVINE! It is made with Chambord and Kahlua. It is also served with an 80% dark chocolate truffle - YUM! The cocktail was rich and creamy - so much so that I needed a spoon at the end to get up all the chocolate shavings!!

Raspberry Chocolate Martini

Next, I ordered a lighter cocktail. It was still sweet, but not weighed down with cream. I ordered the Bohemian Pear. It is a mix of Absolut Pear, St. Germain, Angostura Bitters, and Fresh Lime Juice. I loved it! It was light and refreshing!

Bohemian Pear

As my final cocktail, I ordered the Pomegranate Martini. It is made with Ketel One Citroen and Pomegranate Juice. This drink was a bit *tart* - I don't think that the juice was sweetened. This likely made the drink have fewer calories, but my face was puckered. I enjoyed it, but it was my least favorite. 

Pomegranate Martini

The weather was lovely last night and we sat outside. My only complaint would be that they wait to throw out all of the garbage until the venue closes for the evening. I found it a bit distracting/disturbing that the workers were putting out garbage bags (on the street) while patrons (including us) were sitting outside. Garbage isn't exactly 1. nice to look at or 2. neutral smelling. I found it odd, my only improvement to an otherwise great cocktail/dessert spot.