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Drinks at the Ginger Man

I'm trying to be more spontaneous in my dating life. If you read in my previous posts, I seriously injured my foot wearing a pair of super high heels the other night out on a date. In the effort of looking hot, I was left being forced to wear a hot flesh colored (yes, I hope you are uncomfortable reading that) bandage on my foot. I look like some sort of limping mummy-footed person - it is really an awesome look for my first couple days of school as an MBA2. 

I had been chatting with a new suitor on OKC. The title of this post can hint at his occupation. I think in the initial stages of dating new people, you need to keep your options open. The first date could be great and then go downhill very quickly on the next date. It is incredibly time consuming to go on many first dates, but lately, there has been a flood of new people on my radar on OKC, so when the getting is good, get after it, right? Anyway, back to this new gentleman. We had originally discussed going out a week from now. I figured, by then, I could wear normal shoes. I HATE wearing flats/flip flops on first dates. I feel much more confident in heels. I was out with my some school friends and got a text from this gentleman, he said he would be free tonight and asked if I wanted to meet for a drink. Again, in the spirit of spontaneity, I said yes! I gave him a heads up about my foot and he didn't seem to really care, if anyone cared it was clearly me. Sometimes I need to learn to get over myself. This is proof that dating teaches you a lot about yourself.

He said he liked beer bars and I wanted to check out The Ginger Man ( It is fairly close to where I live, so I wouldn't have to walk (read: limp) that far to get there. The first drink(s) I ordered was a flight of Fruit Beers. 

St. Louis Framboise; Elysian Omen; 

Sea Dog Blue Paw Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale; Ithaca Apricot Wheat

This isn't a shocker, but I knew that the Framboise would be my favorite beer. This is because this style of beer essentially tastes like raspberry juice. The Omen was GROSS - way too dark of a beer for me. The Blueberry and Apricot beers were ok, but weren't that cold. I think most people can agree with me that a cold beer is much better.

Read Glass Above

Next, I ordered a Hoegaarden. This is typically a safe bet, light and with a hint of citrus.

St. Louis Framboise

My final selection was my "go to" beer. I was very happy with this selection. Solid choice. This is a great spot to check out for beers. The setting is also good for a date - it isn't too "fratty" or loud for Midtown. It is respectable.

Until next time,