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Bell Book & Brenne (Candle)

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Celebrating Allison and Brenne!

Last week, some classmates and mine attended a year-anniversary for Brenne Whisky ( Allison, the "Whisky Woman", launched this brand because of her passion for whisky and she has absolutely crushed it! Her blog,, details her journey. Allison lives in the West Village and chose Bell Book & Candle ( for her anniversary celebration.

Celebrate! Brenne is 1!

The expert bartender crafted a delicious Manhattan with Brenne - so yummy. 

YUM! Check out that orange peel :)

One of Allison's good friends made a cake with a bottle (a BOTTLE) of Brenne. I tried a little bit and it was fantastic!

Apparently, others liked the cake as well

Isn't the bottle for Brenne beautiful?

Brenne: Incredible Whisky!

I will need to go back to Bell Book & Candle to try some of their signature cocktails. Wherever you go, look for Brenne and try a cocktail with it. You will be glad you did!