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Stand Under My Umbr(ELLA).

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Backup Plans Can be the Best Plans.

This weekend, three of my friends (Sherri, Leslie and Tom) hosted a birthday party at The Royal ( The Royal is located near Union Square and tends to be a bit of a cluster-f. I arrived around 10:45pm and the place was already OVERFLOWING. The bouncers are some real winners (read: asshats) too. Some of my friends left the inside party and we left to start our own party somewhere else. Someone in our group suggested Ella (, a lounge that features live music in Alphabet City. The venue is a bit narrow but also has a basement..but the basement was booked for a private party, so it looked like we would be hanging on the main level. I took a photo below, the lighting is cool but not as cool as my photo (due to an illuminating effect on my camera, sooo not cool to use a flash in the club!). 

The signature cocktail, appropriately named the Reyka Vodka, St. Germain, Watermelon and Lemon Juice. They use fresh watermelon, evidence below. 

Overall, it was a fun spot, but the narrowness of the venue makes bumping into people almost a guarantee. If I come again, I'd come for the live music and then leave before it converts into more of a dance venue (after 11pm). 

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